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The Brand dedicated to self love

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Meet Phillis Troupe

Hi I'm  Phillis Troupe, a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Thee Eighth Wonder. I  am a doula and founder of S&P Birth Services and a body sculptor at TruImage Hair Studio. I was born and raised in St. Louis.

I founded Thee Eighth Wonder with the intention of delivering a unique, quality, and pampering experience with each product. I started using Shea Butter consistently as a young adult when I was serving in the US Navy. I lived onboard the ship and has many veterans know, my self care routine had limitations in all areas: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It was hard for me to care for my mind and body being in a work environment 24/7. While in the service my depression and anxiety worsened. My self care routine served as my only escape. The products I used in my hair, on my body, the clothing sets I wore to bed, all of the small things meant the most. Tending to myself in this way allowed me to preserve through tough times by increasing my self confidence me to find joy and be grateful for my body daily,.  I can honestly say self care saved my life.


       I want to share this experience through my brand not only with my community but with the World. Thee Eighth Wonder was inspired by The Seven Wonders of the world because that's how I feel when I pamper myself. Self care with my products makes me feel honored, timeless, and unique. Thee Eighth Wonder is a brand that empowers everyone to find, accept, and embrace their true selves and uniqueness.  

now About the products

Our Shea Butter is all handmade and infused with essential oils. Each infusion has its own custom oil blend, making each product unique! The butter is whipped to perfection! The texture is so soft and smooth it take very little to cover your body and give you that perfect glow! Order yours today and leave us a review on the site or social media using our hashtags #WonderEnergy #WonderVibes #EighthWonder.
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